The goal of marketing is to understand customers’ needs and wants and then develop and deliver products and services to meet them. The Marketing major incorporates strategic thinking, analytical skills and creativity, preparing graduates for a variety of careers including brand management, business development, consulting, and digital marketing. Marketing majors study topics such as consumer behavior, marketing intelligence, marketing strategy analytics, branding and global marketing. These marketing courses provide skills for the first job and beyond. In fact, a recent survey of global executives conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit concluded that in our highly competitive global economy, “The fastest route up the corporate ladder is through the marketing department.”  

Required Courses for Marketing Major

  • MARK-221: Marketing Intelligence (3 credits)
  • MARK-222: Consumer Behavior (3 credits)
  • MARK-225:  Marketing Strategy (3 credits)

Competence Electives; Complete 3 credits, from the following:

  • MARK-227: Branding (3 credits) 
  • MARK-228: Communications & Digital Media (3 credits)
  • MARK-229: Marketing Across Borders (3 credits) 

Electives for a total of 3 credits, which could include:

  • MARK-231: Luxury Marketing (1.5 credits) 
  • MARK-232: Global Retail Marketing (1.5 credits) 
  • MARK-233: Sports Marketing Strategy (1.5 credits) 
  • MARK-235: Social and Digital Media Marketing (1.5 credits) 
  • MARK-237: Advertising and Public Relations Management (1.5 credits) 
  • FINC-265: Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MGMT-275: Management Consulting
  • OPIM-256: Electronic Commerce 
  • OPIM-262: Global Supply Chain Management
  • PSYC-140: Social Psychology