Academic Regulations

US flag in front of Healy Hall

The following academic regulations for the undergraduate schools are informed by the University’s philosophy of a liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person. Academic life at Georgetown challenges students to explore, inquire, and reflect in an intellectual environment that fosters respect for others. The Undergraduate Honor System, established in 1997, based on this principle of respect, holds students to high standards of personal and academic conduct.

Georgetown’s strong academic standards are also reflected in its overseas study programs that often require students to matriculate directly into a foreign university. Through the rigor of its academic programs, high standards of integrity, and its international and intercultural focus, the University seeks to prepare students to be active citizens of their community and of the world.

The Georgetown Core Curriculum (Georgetown Core) is a distinctive expression of Georgetown University’s identity as a student-centered research university rooted in the Jesuit and Catholic tradition. The Georgetown Core is a two-tiered program. The first tier is shaped by the University and is shared by all undergraduates as a common core experience. The second tier of the requirement is shaped by the four undergraduate schools, expanding the university Core so as to further the specific mission and tradition of each school. The Georgetown Core lays a foundation for the course of studies pursued by students.Ultimately, it is the hope that the entirety of a Georgetown education will lead students to embody as life-long habits the goals described in the Georgetown Core Curriculum Learning Goals.

The following academic regulations apply to all students of the undergraduate schools of Georgetown University. All undergraduate students are responsible for being thoroughly familiar with the regulations and requirements set forth in this section of the Bulletin, as well as any Handbook of the individual school and the Student Affairs Website. Ignorance of the rules described in this section will not be accepted as a justification for failing to act in accordance with them. For questions regarding college-specific policies, please visit the dean’s office of the respective college.