Addenda and Errata

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Addenda and Errata 2022-2023


This addendum is to document the change in the Transfer Students section under the Undergraduate Admissions page, and reflect the creation of the two new schools effective July 1, 2022 – the School of Nursing and the School of Health:

High School Preparation

“Candidates for the majors in the School of Health and the School of Nursing should include at least three years of mathematics and must include one year each of biology and chemistry.”

Transfer Students

“Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree at another college or university are not eligible for admission to Georgetown’s undergraduate degree programs.”

Transferring Undergraduate School within the University

“Since the five undergraduate schools are distinct colleges under the jurisdiction of separate deans, a student wishing to transfer within the University must make an application in writing to the school to
which he or she wishes to transfer.”