Addenda and Errata

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Addenda and Errata 2020-2021

The following update notes the removal of the restriction on STIA subject courses towards meeting the Liberal Arts Electives requirements under the Liberal Arts Core for BSBA students:

Liberal Arts Electives

The seven electives required to complete the liberal arts core may be taken in any liberal arts area offered by the University.  Please note: You may only apply up to two ECON courses towards your seven liberal arts electives. 

The following update includes the correction to the Hebrew minor requirements:

Minor in Hebrew

Requirements for the Minor

The minor in Hebrew requires a minimum of six courses. All students minoring in Hebrew, and entering the program without previous knowledge, are required to take:

HEBR 011 Intensive Beginning Hebrew I (6 credits)

HEBR 012 Intensive Beginning Hebrew II (6 credits)

HEBR 021 Intermediate Hebrew I (3 credits)

HEBR 022 Intermediate Hebrew II (3 credits)

HEBR 101 Advanced Hebrew I (3 credits)

HEBR 102 Advanced Hebrew II (3 credits)

Students who begin their study of Hebrew beyond the Beginning Hebrew I level, are required to take the Hebrew Placement Exam and complete all remaining Hebrew courses, up to and including Advanced Hebrew II. At minimum, two Hebrew language courses (6 credits) must be completed for the minor: Advanced Hebrew I and Advanced Hebrew II. Students may then substitute additional courses with Hebrew and Israel-related content, offered at the Center for Jewish Civilization (CJC) and Georgetown, to meet the 18-credit requirement for the Hebrew minor, with approval from the Head of the Hebrew Program.


Major in Finance

Requirements for the Major

In addition to completing courses in the business core, students must
complete 15 credits in the area of Finance. All FINC courses are 1.5
credits, meeting for seven weeks during the semester.

Nine Credits for Required Courses:

  • FINC 212: Applied Financial Management (3 credits)
  • FINC-231: Corporate Valuation
  • FINC-232: Quantitative Investment Strategies
  • FINC-233: Machine Learning for Finance
  • FINC-241: Investments
  • FINC-249: Global Financial Institutions
  • FINC-250: International Finance (3 credit version)
  • FINC-255: Derivatives

Six Credits of Electives:

  • FINC-220: Real Estate Finance
  • FINC-225: Investment Banking
  • FINC-245: Fixed Income Securities
  • FINC-250: International Finance
  • FINC-262: Applied Value Investing
  • FINC-265: Private Equity
  • Any 200-level FINC Course
  • ACCT-243: Financial Statement Analysis (3 credits)