Global Education (Study Abroad)

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Office of Global Education

The Office of Global Education (OGE) is the primary point of contact for undergraduate study abroad programs. Students, parents, faculty, administrators, and international partners may contact OGE for information and advice about global study options, as well as for student support while overseas.

Georgetown offers a range of study abroad programs that emphasize educational quality and cultural immersion using a variety of program models. One key study abroad program model supported by Georgetown is integration into the host university’s academic environment through direct enrollment in local university courses. Students joining direct matriculation programs in a non-English speaking location are required to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in their host-country language. Additionally, a number of programs in a range of locations, including Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, are designed to facilitate the study of language, culture, and area studies. Georgetown also offers several overseas programs that focus on specific academic areas such as classics, business, health, regional politics, and community-based learning.

Program and application information, including deadlines and appointment links, can be accessed on the Office of Global Education website.

The Office of Global Education is charged with the administration of undergraduate credit-bearing programs for students pursuing degrees in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the McDonough School of Business, the School of Nursing and Health Studies, Georgetown College, and the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar.

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) or from another US University are eligible to apply to Georgetown Administered Programs listed below (semester and summer), and Georgetown University in Qatar. For all other semester and full year study abroad programs, SCS students should work directly with their academic advisors to identify appropriate opportunities to study overseas.

Academic Regulations

For information on academic policies and regulations related to study abroad and the Office of Global Education at Georgetown, please review the Academic Regulations: Study Abroad section of the bulletin.

Financial Notes

During the academic year, study abroad fees are comparable to a semester or academic year at Georgetown University. Students pay Georgetown University full tuition for study abroad during the semester and academic year. Cost of living overseas will vary depending on the city and country in which the program is located. Financial aid may be applied to Georgetown-approved programs and approved Independent Petition programs. Students should consult the Office of Student Financial Services for details on their individual financial aid packages. Fees for Georgetown’s summer study abroad programs are determined on an annual basis and include tuition, room and partial board, program-organized excursions, and mandatory supplemental health insurance. Airfare to/from the program location is not included.

Georgetown Administered Programs

In addition to a range of institutional partnerships throughout the world, Georgetown’s Office of Global Education develops and administers undergraduate academic programs abroad. These programs offer Georgetown courses for which students receive Georgetown credits and grades, and are open to both Georgetown and non-Georgetown students.

Villa Le Balze, Fiesole, Italy

A gift to the University from the Marquesa Margaret Rockefeller de Larrain, Georgetown’s Villa Le Balze has served as a setting for undergraduate study abroad programs since 1981. The Villa hosts academic programs during both spring and fall semesters, as well as several short-term course offerings during the summer. Rooted in the humanistic tradition of Florence and of its founder, the American philosopher Charles A. Strong, the curriculum at Villa Le Balze features a mix of traditional Italian Studies courses, as well as coursework in contemporary European politics, science, and art.  

Villa Le Balze is grounded in the concept of a Global Living and Learning Program, a combined residential and academic cohort experience designed to foster intellectual community, personal growth and development, and reflective self-discovery. Key features of this holistic learning environment include small class sizes, daily lunches prepared by the Villa’s in-house culinary staff, regular interactions between faculty, students, and staff outside of the classroom, and a high degree of student support. Students with desire for advanced Italian language immersion may opt to stay with a local Italian family.

Students interested in Villa Le Balze programs can find more information on the Villa Le Balze and Office of Global Education websites, or may contact the Office of Global Education for further inquiries.

Georgetown Summer Programs Abroad

The Office of Global Education partners with Georgetown faculty members and departments to offer short-term faculty-led programs throughout the summer term. These programs are intended to give students intensive, academically rigorous explorations of topics and themes in a direct and immersive manner. Some feature intentional linguistic and cultural immersion, though many require no language preparation and focus instead on topics such as global health, politics, history, business, and social justice and human rights. Programs are between two and eight weeks in duration, and are often designed around an experiential education component, such as an internship or community-based service placement. All programs are directed by a Georgetown faculty member, who teaches or oversees academic instruction on site and provides additional accompaniment and support for all program participants.