Disability and Academic Services

Leo O'Donovan Hall

Disability Services

Georgetown University is committed to ensuring that no student is denied access to its programs, facilities, services, or activities, or is otherwise discriminated against on the basis of a disability. Consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the University will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is responsible for evaluating requests for accommodations, and it does so on a case-by-case basis in a manner designed to preserve confidentiality and to provide students with as much independence as possible.

Students who believe they may be eligible for accommodation consideration are responsible for communicating their needs to the Academic Resource Center. The University is not responsible for making ADA accommodations for students who do not inform the ARC of their needs or for those who do not provide adequate diagnostic documentation. Students should be aware that while the University will work interactively with them to identify appropriate accommodations, the University is not able to modify course or degree requirements that are considered to be essential components of the program of instruction.

The University encourages students in need of disability support services to make an appointment with an ARC administrator to discuss available services and the process for receiving accommodations.

Academic Services

Georgetown University is deeply committed to enriching the academic experience of students. The Academic Resource Center, a department within Student Affairs, offers an array of academic support services, including academic workshops, individual consultations, and tutoring. Students are encouraged to consult with an Academic Resource Center representative to discuss their academic needs so that appropriate University resources can be recommended. 

Offered on a regular basis throughout the fall and spring semesters, ARC academic workshops address a wide variety of topics ranging from college reading strategies to test-taking tips. Each workshop topic focuses on a particular skill so that students can strengthen areas that require improvement, such as time management or handling the college reading load. Individual consultations are provided for students who require specialized assistance in study skills.

Along with academic workshops and individual consultations, the Academic Resource Center offers free language tutoring services for select languages. Other academic support services outside the Academic Resource Center are available for students, such as the Math Assistance Center, Economics Tutoring Services and the Writing Center.

Contact Information:

Phone: (202) 687-8354
Email: arc@georgetown.edu