Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Georgetown University offers three post-baccalaureate programs for students seeking educational opportunities at the undergraduate level after they have completed an undergraduate degree, in preparation for particular career, enrichment, or graduate school options. These programs are offered in Classics, Computer Science, and Pre-Medical/Pre-Health. Each program addresses particular audiences, described below, with admission requirements and policies that are distinctive to that program.

Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classics

The Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classics provides college graduates with training in Latin and Greek to ready them for graduate programs in Classics and related fields (e.g., ancient philosophy).  The program, administered by the Department of Classics, is non-degree and non-certificate.

The program entitles students to take two courses in the Classics Department per semester.  Students usually take one course in Latin and one in Greek.  Placement is determined at the time students join the program.  Students have the option of staying in the program more than one year to achieve greater proficiency in the languages.

Students may take additional courses in other departments of the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics (FLL), with the permission of those departments, at the School of Continuing Studies tuition rate.

Program Policies
Students must maintain grades of C or higher in their Latin and Greek courses to continue to be eligible for the program.

Contact Information
Program Director: Charles McNelis
Program website:

Post-Baccalaureate Computer Science Certificate Program

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program in Computer Science (PBCS) is designed for qualified students who have an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than computer science. It lets students take foundational courses in programming, data structures, algorithms, hardware, and systems. The program prepares students for further advancement in their current field, for entry-level positions in industry and in government, or for advanced study in computer science at the graduate level.

The post-baccalaureate program consists of twelve courses or thirty-six credits:

  • Computer Science I, COSC 051
  • Computer Science II, COSC 052
  • Math Methods for Computer Science, COSC 030
  • Data Structures, COSC 160
  • Computational Structures, COSC 125
  • Introduction to Algorithms, COSC 240
  • Three Computer Science Electives (numbered 200 or higher)
  • Calculus I, MATH 035
  • Calculus II, MATH 036
  • One Math Elective (see program website for list)

Program Policies on Admission and Matriculation

  • Students must have completed a four-year degree or equivalent from an accredited academic institution prior to applying for the post-bac program.
  • 3.2 Grade-point average in previous undergraduate study.
  • Minimum residency is twenty-seven credits at Georgetown University. 
  • Transfer credit is not awarded.
  • Students who have prior coursework can petition program administrator for a course waiver subject to minimum residency requirement.
  • A minimum of a 2.8 grade-point average is required to complete the post-baccalaureate certificate program. 
  • Students can matriculate during the fall, spring or summer semesters
  • The post-baccalaureate program has been approved for international students. International students are required to enroll in twelve credits per semester, which may require course work beyond the requirements listed above. The additional courses may be from computer science, mathematics and/or from their undergraduate discipline of study.
  • Required courses for the post-baccalaureate certificate program are our regular undergraduate courses. As such, the program does not offer special evening, weekend or online courses outside of the undergraduate schedule.

Contact Information
Program Director: J. Montgomery, Ph.D.
Professor, Professor of the Practice
Department Computer Science, STM 352

Program website:

Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate Program

Georgetown’s Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate Program prepares students to apply successfully to medical, dental, veterinary, physician assistant or other health professional schools. This is a 15-24 month program designed for qualified “career-changer” students who have finished their undergraduate degrees, but lack all or most of the core pre-med science and/or math courses. The program is housed in Georgetown College and leads to a certificate.

Students complete science and math pre-requisite coursework for the professional program of their interest in the health professions. Generally, this includes two semesters of biology with labs, two semesters of chemistry with labs, two semesters of physics with labs, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Calculus, Statistics and upper level science electives.

Program Policies
Credits for coursework done at other institutions do not transfer. Students qualify for a Certificate after completing 30 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.2.

Ongoing course registration and continuation in the program is dependent on successful academic performance as defined in the university’s academic standards.

Contact Information
Program Director: Mary Beth Connell, MD
Associate Dean and Director of Pre-Health Programs

College Dean’s Office
Lucy Cherner, MS
Assistant Director for Pre-Health Advising

Program Website: