Slavic Languages

In response to dramatic changes and new opportunities in the Slavic world, the Department began offering Ukrainian in 1991 and Polish in 2002. Introduction to Ukrainian (UKRN-1001 and -1102, taught either in regular or in tutorial format) and Beginning Polish (PLSH-1001 and -1002) cover the fundamentals of grammar and introduce students to cultural and reading materials. Intermediate courses, UKRN-2001 and -3308 (tutorials) and PLSH-1501 and -1502, build on students’ basic knowledge and further develop vocabulary and comprehension abilities in all skill areas. All courses are three credits each; the two-year sequence satisfies the Georgetown College foreign-language requirement. Upper-level tutorials, such as Professional Ukrainian, Professional Polish and Advanced Oral and Written Polish, are available to qualified students.

For course listings for Russian, Polish and Ukrainian see Schedule of Classes