Persian is a language of incredible geopolitical, artistic, historical, and economic significance, spoken by more than 110 million people worldwide. It is the national language of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and is spoken widely in Uzbekistan and Kurdistan, as well as within diaspora communities around the world. Persian language classes emphasize cultural competency – each class is infused with cultural information such as profiles of cities, regional cuisine, national and religious holidays, literature, famous people, and so forth.  Minors will be able to interact with native speakers in a culturally appropriate manner and interpret Persian texts with ease and accuracy.

Minor in Persian

Requirements for the Minor 

All Persian minors are required to take six courses in Persian: the intensive (6-credit) beginning and intermediate language sequences and the advanced language sequence. 

  • Intensive 1st Level Persian I (PERS-011) – 6 credits
  • Intensive 1st Level Persian II (PERS-012) – 6 credits 
  • Intensive Intermediate Persian I (PERS-021) – 6 credits
  • Intensive Intermediate Persian II (PERS-022) – 6 credits 
  • Advanced Persian I (PERS-201) – 3 credits 
  • Advanced Persian II (PERS-202) – 3 credits 

The following advanced electives can be substituted for one or more of the above courses where appropriate (e.g., if the student begins the minor at a higher level) and with approval of the program director:

  • Translating and Interpreting Persian Media (PERS-345) – 3 credits
  • Iranian Cinema & Culture (PERS-364) – 3 credits 

Note: Intensive summer and/or study abroad courses taught in Persian may also be counted in the minor, on the basis of placement exam and with the approval of the program director.

Students seeking to accelerate their study of Persian should consider the Arabic and Persian Language Institute, offered on campus each summer. PERS-011, 012, 021, and 022 are offered regularly, as is an intensive version of Advanced Persian (PERS-203, a 6-credit course that combines 201 and 202 in one five-week summer session). All Persian coursework taken through the summer institute counts in the minor. 

For more information about the minor, visit the Persian program website or contact the program director, Prof. Farima Mostowfi, at