Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs

The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs offers a minor in Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs.

The minor gives students an opportunity to explore the role of faith and values across topic areas including international relations, comparative politics, history, and cultures. In our interreligious and intercultural world, developing a nuanced understanding of these topics is of critical importance and value in the academy and across the professions.



The minor requires a total of six courses: five courses in three thematic areas (one required course from each area plus two electives) as well as a capstone seminar, “Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs,” with a major research paper requirement.

  • One course in Area 1: Faith and Ethics in International Relations
  • One course in Area 2: Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective
  • One course in Area 3: Religion in History and Culture
  • Two electives from any of the above three areas
  • Capstone: GOVT-3824 (formerly GOVT-313) Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs

Courses in Area 1, Faith and Ethics in International Relations, address the role of religion and/or ethics in interstate relations, including US foreign policy, regional conflicts, and human rights and religious freedom questions.

Courses in Area 2, Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective, address the role of religion in politics in particular countries and regions, and encompass treatments of the role of particular religious traditions in society and politics.

Courses in Area 3, Religion in History and Culture, explore the role of religion in national and regional histories and its contemporary expressions in culture and society.

Approved REWA courses are listed each semester on the Berkley Center website. To petition for a course not listed on the website to count towards the minor, students should check with the Berkley Center director of student programs. A maximum of two courses taken abroad may count towards the minor with approval of the program administrator.


Note that the REWA minor is by application. Students may apply at any time, although applying and enrolling during the sophomore year is strongly encouraged. Interested students should use this form to submit a 250-word statement of interest, a writing sample, and an unofficial transcript.