The Psychology Department offers an A.B. Degree in Psychology as well as a minor in Psychology.

Major in Psychology

Psychology majors must take no fewer than ten and no more than fourteen courses in Psychology. The requirements are General Psychology; MATH-1040 Probability and Statistics; Research Methods and Statistics; three foundational courses (two from Area A: Developmental and Social Foundations and one from Area B: Cognitive and Biological Foundations); two seminar courses; and two courses from the combined offerings of foundational, seminar, and elective courses.

Every student wishing to declare a Psychology major must attend one of the Psychology Major/Minor Declaration Sessions, which are held in the fall and spring semesters. These will be led by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will discuss the requirements and opportunities in the Psychology program and assign a faculty advisor. Together with their advisor, each student is expected to work out a program of electives and cognate courses in other disciplines to provide the course sequence most appropriate to their specific goals. A list of courses, with course descriptions, can be found at Students are encouraged to participate in independent research activities, particularly if they plan to attend graduate school. The Psychology Department also hosts an Honors Program.

In planning their program, the major should keep in mind that no more than 14 courses in Psychology may be counted toward graduation. Further advice on developing a program of study, including information on the distribution requirements, is contained in the Handbook for Psychology Majors and Minors.

Students who wish to enroll for credit in Psychology courses on another campus must first obtain permission from their dean and from their academic advisor. Ordinarily, Research Methods and Statistics, as well as required seminars, must be taken on the Georgetown campus. 

Integrated Writing Requirement

Psychology majors will fulfill the integrated writing requirement by completing several of the courses that are required for the psychology major (PSYC-2000 Research Methods and Statistics and the two seminar courses). In these courses, students will gain experience with a variety of writing assignments, such as brief responses and essays, as well as literature reviews and research proposals. Each of these courses is designed to provide students with experience in reading original empirical articles in the field of psychology, integrating their findings, and writing and revising papers. Therefore, psychology students fulfill the Integrated Writing requirement by virtue of completing the major. 

Requirements for the A.B. in Psychology

  • 1 General Psychology (PSYC-1000)
  • 1 Probability and Statistics (MATH-1040)*
  • 1 Research Methods and Statistics (PSYC-2000)
  • 3 foundational courses (two from Area A and one from Area B)
  • 2 seminar courses
  • 2 courses from the combined offerings of foundational, seminar, and elective courses

* Majors with AP credit for MATH-1040 are exempt from this requirement, but must substitute an additional Psychology elective.

Minor in Psychology

Requirements for the Minor

The requirements are General Psychology, three foundational courses (two from Area A and one from Area B), and two courses from the combined offerings of foundational, seminar, and elective courses (a minimum of six courses). Further advice on developing a program of study is contained in the Handbook for Psychology Majors and Minors available online at

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