Jewish Civilization

The Program in Jewish Civilization offers a minor in Jewish Civilization.

The minor in Jewish Civilization allows undergraduate students in Georgetown College to obtain an interdisciplinary perspective on the global and historical dimensions of Judaism with special emphasis on the ethical aspects of Jewish civilization and its interrelationship with other peoples and polities. This center is innovative for its focus not only on Jewish religion and history, but also on the wider cultural, political, philosophical, and literary accomplishments of the Jewish people. Courses represent a broad range of disciplines including; government, history, theology, language and the arts. This is a program for students of all religious backgrounds. It is appropriate for individuals with either a strong background in Judaism or none at all who are eager to grow intellectually in this area.

Minor in Jewish Civilization

Requirements for the Minor

Students must successfully complete the following courses:

  • JCIV/INAF-199, Introduction to Jewish Civilization: This course provides a foundation for the study of Jewish civilization, and is required for all minor candidates.
  • JCIV/INAF-443, Senior Thesis Colloquium (completed during a student’s final semester in the minor program). Minor candidates are required to write an essay of 25–30 pages on a topic related to Jewish civilization. Upon completion, the students will present their papers in a colloquium to be moderated by a leading scholar in the field of Jewish Civilization
  • Four electives from the following categories:
    • Humanities: minimum of one course
    • Social Science: minimum of one
    • Hebrew Language at Advanced level and above (not required): maximum of two courses

For a list of current courses, refer to our web site at

Additional electives may be approved by the program director, but must make a significant contribution to the understanding of Jewish civilization.

Applicants are required to complete an application form available on the web site of the Center for Jewish Civilization: It is recommended that candidates submit their applications by early fall of their junior year. However, applications will still be accepted until the end of the following fall semester.

For course listings for Jewish Civilization, see Schedule of Classes