Catholic Studies

The Catholic Studies Program offers a minor in Catholic Studies.

The Catholic Studies Program at Georgetown is an interdisciplinary area of study that seeks to engage the richness of the Catholic cultural and intellectual tradition with the various dimensions of human existence such as the ecological, aesthetic, political, legal, economic, technological, and scientific questions of the present day. It builds on the maxim faith seeking understanding as the core principle of all intellectual study.

Catholic Studies is more than a set of moral or ritual practices or a body of doctrine; rather, “catholic” describes the way one approaches the study of any discipline and the way one interprets the discipline, including the types of questions raised, the relation of knowledge to God, and the orientation of the knower towards the world with faith, hope, and love. The promotion of an interdisciplinary approach that integrates core principles with various academic areas is vital to Catholic Studies. Courses in this area seek to explore the disclosure of divine mystery in concrete reality, and as expressed in the human imagination and creativity. Catholic Studies does not seek to affirm the “already” but to engage the “not yet.” This deepening of knowledge and faith seeks to engage one’s appreciation of the Catholic tradition in its historical, cultural, and social dimensions.

The Catholic Studies Program at Georgetown University strives to be inclusive as it welcomes students from widely divergent intellectual and religious backgrounds to study, explore, and understand the multi-leveled meaning of the Catholic cultural and intellectual tradition in history and in the contemporary world.

Students may wish to pursue a minor in Catholic Studies or take courses on an elective basis to expand their understanding of the Catholic intellectual and cultural tradition. Catholic Studies courses are designed specifically to foster the interdisciplinary approach to the study of Catholic culture, as it draws widely on courses which as a whole or in substantial part deal with aspects of Catholic thought offered independently by various academic departments.

Catholic Studies Minor

Requirements for the Minor 

All students wishing to minor in Catholic Studies must complete six courses: 5 CATH Electives and 1 Capstone Tutorial, CATH 301.

At least 2 of the electives must be at the 200-level or above.

Please direct all questions or inquiries to the Catholic Studies Program Director, Professor Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, at

For course listings for Catholic Studies, see the Schedule of Classes.