Public Health Minor

The Public Health Minor approaches health from an interdisciplinary perspective to promote the health and well being of all people, with a focus on disease prevention and health protection. The Public Health Minor will draw from the existing public health expertise of faculty at the School of Nursing & Health Studies. The Public Health Minor supports the recommendations of National Academy of Medicine (formerly Institute of Medicine), the Association of American Colleges and
Universities, and Healthy People 2020 to educate undergraduates on public health issues. The minor provides a core of knowledge that will prepare the student for further study and scholarship in the field of public health.

The Public Health Minor will require students to successfully complete 18 credits of coursework. Please note that courses required as part of the course of study for a major may not be used towards the minor. Students interested in pursuing the Public Health Minor must meet with the NHS Public Health Advisor to design their program of study. 


  1. Population Health Concepts and Contemporary Issues (HEST-195), 3 credits
  2. Epidemiological Approaches to Population Health (INTH-177), 3 credits OR Epidemiological Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Healthcare Management and Policy (HEST-184), 3 credits
  3. Population Health Capstone (HEST-460), 3 credits
  4. Electives totaling 9 credit hours, selected from an approved list that focuses on key public health concepts such as health policy, health promotion, environmental health and global health (see attached).

The culmination of the Public Health Minor is the Population Health Capstone course. This course provides students with an opportunity to integrate public health theory, knowledge, and skills to complete a community based, public health-focused project. This course uses an experiential learning approach for the public health project coupled with a seminar where students share updates on their projects and discuss emerging public heath issues.