Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

The Spanish and Portuguese Studies major consists of fourteen semester courses above the level of Intensive Intermediate Spanish and Portuguese for Spanish Speakers. At least eight of the thirteen courses must be upper division courses, numbered above 200, and at least one numbered 400 and above in Hispanic literature and Hispanic culture, Luso-Brazilian literature and culture and/or Spanish/Portuguese Linguistics.

Required Courses

14 courses (minimum, students who place below Advanced Spanish and/or Advanced Portuguese will require additional courses) as follows

  1. 2 semesters Advanced or Intenstive Advanced Spanish
  2. 2 semesters Advanced Portuguese
  3. 1 semester Portuguese Expository Writing
  4. 3 literature and culture courses (from among the following: Spain: Literature and Culture I or II, Latin America: Literature and Culture I or II, and one of which must be in Portuguese: Literature and Culture I or II
  5. 2 Linguistics courses, one in Spanish linguistics and one in Portuguese linguistics
  6. 2 Courses 300-level or above taught in Portuguese (may be cross-listed)*
  7. 2 Courses 300-level or above taught in Spanish (may be cross-listed)*

*Overall, 1 course must be at the 400-level

Note: native or heritage speakers of Spanish or Portuguese, transfer students, or students who have placed out of required language classes should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for major approval. 

Integrated Writing Requirement

Writing is an integral part of each of the three majors offered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese (Spanish, Portuguese, and Spanish and Portuguese Studies) and central to all levels of study in our course offerings. Beyond demonstrating linguistic competence and cultural literacy, the Department views writing as an essential tool for the development of critical thinking and its expression. Importantly, learning to write well in Spanish and/or Portuguese develops skills that are transferable to many post-college careers.

Transfer/AP Credit

A maximum of four courses taken at other institutions can be transferred toward the major. Transfer students must have the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies in order to get credit for courses taken at another institution.

STudy abroad

Spanish and Portuguese Studies majors are required to study in Spain, Portugal or Latin America for a semester or, ideally, for an academic year. With the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Spanish and Portuguese Studies majors may substitute summer study in Georgetown University’s programs in Quito (Ecuador) or Barcelona (Spain) for a semester abroad. These courses can be used to fulfill 200-level elective requirements, provided they are taught in Spanish or Portuguese and deal with Spain or Latin America (or any aspects of the Lusophone countries). A maximum of four courses, with a total of two per semester, taken overseas may be counted toward the major. Students should consult their advisers to develop a well-balanced program. No credit is given to majors for Spanish or Portuguese language courses taken abroad in Spanish/Portuguese-speaking countries.

Latin American Studies and EUROPEAN STUDIES CertificateS

(See the Latin American Studies Certificate and European Studies Certificate sections in the Bulletin.)

Accelerated Bachelor/Master Degree Program

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelors and a Masters degree at an accelerated pace by counting two graduate-level courses taken in the undergraduate program toward the Masters degree. Students with a minimum of a 3.5 in the major are eligible to apply for the program at the end of their junior year. Interested applicants should consult with the Director of Graduate Studies. Applications are available in the Spanish and Portuguese Department. Applications are available in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese. (See the section on this topic in the Bulletin.)