Business Administration

Georgetown College offers a minor in Business Administration.

The Business Administration Minor in Georgetown College offers students an opportunity to develop business knowledge and skills, in combination with their liberal arts education, to better equip them to contribute to the global economy with creativity, integrity, and a commitment to social responsibility. This minor brings College students together with McDonough School of Business (MSB) students in various curricular programs to examine the field of business from diverse intellectual perspectives and more thoroughly understand business in a cultural, political and social context. The minor allows College students to take business courses in the six main areas of accounting, finance, operations, management, marketing, and strategy, ethics, and public policy, as well as in selected liberal arts disciplines that build bridges between a student’s major, minor or other interests and the broad field of business. All students in the Business Administration Minor take a capstone course in Social Responsibility of Business that challenges students to apply their learning in an ethical manner and prepares them to contribute generously to their intellectual and professional communities.

Students accepted to the Business Administration Minor may not take more business courses than the minor requires. Students accepted to the Business Administration Minor and students interested in applying for the minor should not take ACCT-001 or FINC-150.

Minor in Business Administration

A College student is eligible to apply for the Business Administration Minor if he/she:

  • is in the spring term of sophomore year,
  • will complete the final of the 4 prerequisites by spring of sophomore year (see below),
  • has a minimum 3.3 cumulative grade point average,
  • has a minimum 3.3 grade point average in the prerequisite courses.

The program is limited to 50 students per class, selected on the basis of an application submitted in spring of their sophomore year. Junior and senior students are not eligible to apply retroactively. The application will consist of an essay outlining the student’s reasons for seeking a minor in Business Administration, with an emphasis on how the minor would complement the student’s other major or minor interests. A committee of deans in the College will review the applications.


4 prerequisites:

  • Calculus (MATH-035)
  • Statistics (MATH-040, MATH-140, OPIM-173, ECON-121, or GOVT-201)
  • Economics: Microeconomics and macroeconomics, only one of which may be completed with AP credit.
    • If you have AP credit for both ECON-001 and 002, take ECON-101.
    • If you have AP credit for ECON-001 only, take ECON-002.
    • If you have AP credit for ECON-002 only, take ECON-001.
    • If you have no AP credit in ECON, take ECON-001 and 002 or take ECON-003 and ECON 101 or 102.

6 required courses (plus OPIM-170)

  • OPIM-170, Computational Business Modeling (1 cr.)
  • ACCT-101, Accounting I
  • 4 Advanced Electives: Students must take at least 3 courses in MSB, excluding ACCT-001 and FINC-150. Students may choose to take a broad-based minor or to specialize in a single area by taking at least 3 electives in one area to gain in-depth knowledge. Students may choose the 3 MSB courses from offerings in:
    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Management, Leadership, and Innovation
    • Marketing
    • Operations (Statistics/Analytics; Management Science; Operations Management)
    • Strategy, Ethics, and Public Policy
    • The fourth elective may be from any of the above MSB areas or from the list of approved College “Bridge Electives,” courses that explore the cultural, political, and social contexts of business. These are designated electives in College departments; the list will be maintained by the College Dean’s Office. Students are encouraged to take as their fourth elective an approved College course in their major or minor discipline, or in another area of interest to enhance the integration of their curricular programs. This course, however, will only count toward the Business Administration Minor, and not toward the student’s major or other minors.
  • For Class of 2020 and earlier, STRT-282, Social Responsibility of Business.  For Class of 2021 and later, STRT 230, Ethical Values of Business.
Study Abroad

Students are strongly advised to complete all business electives on campus at Georgetown. Students interested in receiving credit toward the Business Administration Minor for courses taken while studying abroad must receive approval from the MSB Undergraduate Program Office. These courses must be taken at MSB-approved study abroad programs. For more information, please visit the Office of Global Education.

Questions about the Business Administration Minor may be directed to Assistant Dean Jessica Ciani-Dausch at