McDonough School of Business


Paul Almeida

Pietra Rivoli Vice Dean
Patricia J. Grant Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Monija Amani

Senior Assistant Dean, Director of Global Programs

Daniela Brancaforte

Assistant Dean

Rebecca Cassidy

Senior Assistant Dean, Director of Office of Professional Development

Deborah Coburn

Senior Assistant Dean, Director of Advising
Julian Haas Associate Director

Daniel Minot

Senior Associate Director
Sara Skillman Associate Director
Justin Smith Assistant Dean, Director of Student Success


Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business was founded more than sixty years ago by the Rev. Joseph Sebes, S.J., a professor in the School of Foreign Service, who believed that an understanding of commercial markets was essential to worldwide political stability. The school was named for alumnus Robert Emmett McDonough, a major benefactor.

The McDonough School of Business is a premier business school dedicated to shaping global business leaders and its students are held to a high standard of academic integrity and excellence. Faculty members foster an environment for learning by selecting techniques that challenge students to take an active role in the education process. Faculty are extremely engaged, bringing their research into the classroom and involving students in their scholarly pursuits, as well as exposing them to practical aspects of the business world.

The McDonough School of Business combines core requirements in business and liberal arts to provide students with a strong foundation in critical thinking and reasoning. During the first and second years, students complete courses in subjects such as English, philosophy, theology, and history, while beginning their business coursework and taking courses in accounting, marketing, finance, business statistics, operations, and economics. In their junior and senior years, students complete coursework in their major. McDonough strongly supports students who would like to choose a minor in one of the nearly 50 liberal arts disciplines in the College. This blend of wide-ranging liberal studies and business courses creates opportunities for students to pursue diverse areas of interest.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of Georgetown’s location in the nation’s capital to pursue internships in private industry, government, or non-profit organizations. Students have many opportunities within McDonough and the larger university community to serve other students and the community. The Undergraduate Program Office works closely with students to select courses and co-curricular activities that closely match their personal educational goals, while still meeting McDonough’s degree requirements.