Office of Global Services

The Office of Global Services (OGS) performs two primary functions: (1) Supporting non-US citizen students and scholars who hold university-based immigration status; and (2) Facilitating the global activities of students, faculty, departments and schools.  

Global Program Support Services

Global Program Support Services (GPS) manages protocols for global activities and operations and administers the University's International Travel Policy for groups and individuals traveling abroad for University-affiliated purposes. GPS monitors international security indicators and provides health and safety guidance to outbound travelers. GPS also develops and executes agreements with international partner institutions. GPS oversees operations at Georgetown's Villa Le Balze in Florence, Italy, which hosts a wide range of university programs and conferences. 

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Georgetown takes great pride in the more than 3,500 international students, researchers, professors and staff who each contribute to our uniquely multicultural learning environment.

International Student & Scholar Services (IS) liaises between the Georgetown community and the US Government’s increasingly complex regulatory structure.

After admission, students request from IS the documentation required to obtain an F-1 or J-1 visa from a US Embassy or Consulate and enter the United States. Students have dedicated IS Advisors who help them maintain legal status in the US and inform decisions along the trajectory through and beyond the degree program. 

IS Advisors provide guidance for confronting the logistical and affective challenges of living and learning in Washington, DC, assisting with matters ranging from authorization opportunities for employment and practical training to cultural adjustment.

Undergraduate degree, transfer, exchange, and visiting GU-Qatar students who enter the US in F-1 or J-1 status participate in the mandatory I-NSO track of New Student Orientation (NSO). Any other students who identify as international are also welcome to attend I-NSO.

IS manages programs that promote cross-cultural understanding, such as the Global Living Community, the Language Exchange Program, and Global Expo, a campus-wide celebration of Georgetown’s diversity. IS and its campus partners also offer a series of social and developmental programs throughout the year. Students are often the protagonists of IS programming, whether as members of the International Students Association, at orientations as International Ambassadors, or even as student employees in OGS.

IS administers Georgetown’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, a US Department of State initiative aimed at fostering global understanding.

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