Office of Global Services

Founded in 2014 by uniting two teams previously housed in the Office of International Programs, the Office of Global Services (OGS) facilitates global activity across the university by providing advice to schools and departments across a range of domains, including international student and scholar services, international travel, global partnership development, and policies and protocols surrounding global activities and operations.

Global Program Support Services

The Global Program Support Services (GPS) team works with designated “global contacts” at the university to develop and communicate policies related to global activities, manages the university's International Travel Policy, and collaborates with General Counsel to ensure that international agreements undergo adequate legal review. GPS also oversees operations at Georgetown's Villa Le Balze in Italy to ensure that this location is prepared to support a wide range of university programs and conferences. The International Student and Scholar Services team provides guidance, support and direction related to federal immigration/visa regulations governing all international students, faculty, staff, and researchers, and collaborates with Student Affairs and other offices across campus on broad non-academic support. For more information about our services, please visit the Office of Global Services website at

Vanessa Meyers  Director of Global Services
Melissa Brun Director for Strategic Development
Elizabeth Greenfeld Assistant Director for Global Program Support Services
Catey Williams Assistant Director for International Safety, Security, and Programs
Katherine Safon Senior Program Associate
Darius Ngo Administrative Officer
Fulvio Orsitto

Administrative Director, Villa Le Balze



Georgetown takes great pride in its international character and the over 3,500 international students, researchers, professors and staff who contribute to the uniquely multicultural learning environment on our campus. The International Student and Scholar Services (IS) team assists Georgetown’s international community with the academic, emotional, and practical concerns of living, studying, and working in the United States while ensuring institutional immigration compliance with applicable federal regulations.

Among its primary responsibilities, IS administers immigration-related services for the University. Experienced immigration advisors are available to assist students and scholars in F-1 or J-1 immigration status with issues such as entry into the United States, authorization for employment, and the general maintenance of legal status in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

In addition to immigration assistance, the team offers a variety of other services designed to support life and study in the United States. Orientations are an important aspect of this support. For international undergraduate, exchange and transfer students, a mandatory orientation program is held each August as a designated track of New Student Orientation (NSO) called I-NSO. IS offers ongoing programs on topics ranging from cultural adjustment to career development throughout the academic year. For students with individual concerns, staff advisors are available to provide personalized counseling in the areas of cross-cultural communication and adjustment.

For both U.S. and non-U.S. Georgetown students, IS sponsors events and programs that promote cross-cultural understanding and celebrate the diverse international character of the University. The International Student Association, one of Georgetown’s largest student-run organizations, and the Global Living Community, a living-learning community within the residence halls, which focuses on international/intercultural issues, are both sponsored by IS. Each spring, IS sponsors Georgetown’s campus-wide international celebration, called Global Expo. Student organizations and university departments come together to showcase international food and performances celebrating the global diversity on campus. Other activities held throughout the year include an online language exchange program, skills-based workshops, social events and excursions that contribute to building a strong international community on campus.

For more information about OGS's International Student and Scholar Services, please visit our website at

Rachel Rubin

Director, International Student and Scholar Services

Dylan Gaffney International Student Advisor
Sarah Bunker International Student Advisor
Sandra Layton Associate Director, International Student and Scholar Services

Danielle Valles

International Student and Scholar Advisor

Lindsay VanBrocklin

International Student Advisor and Communications Manager

Alicia Ward Senior Advisor, Compliance and Training
Stacy Williams International Student Advisor and Program Manager