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On October 8, 2014, the following updates were made to the Undergraduate Bulletin:

  1. The School of Continuing Studies page has been updated to reflect leadership changes. Updates can be found here.
    1. Kelly J. Otter, Ph.D., was added as the Dean.
    2. Kristen Consolo, M.B.A., was added as the Associate Dean, Planning.
    3. Gray Shealy, M.Arch.,  was added as the Executive Director, MPS in Hospitality Management.
    4. Amy Kovac-Ashley, M.S., was added as the Assistant Dean, Journalism Program.
    5. Veronica DiConti is now Veronica Donahue.
    6. Anne Ridder, M.A.L.S., replaced Anthony Tambasco as the Interim Associate Dean, Graduate Liberal Studies.
    7.  Robert Goldwater replaced Matthew Winkler as the Interim Associate Dean, Sports Industry Management.