Art and Art History

The Art and Art History Department offers majors in Art History and Art (with concentrations in Drawing/Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, and Digital Art/Photography).

Major in Art

A major in Art (Drawing/Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, and Digital Art/Photography) consists of eleven courses; ten courses in the studio discipline and one course in art history. An Art major’s specific course requirements depend on the area of concentration (See Required Courses). Art majors have the option of taking a second art history course in place of one of their studio art electives, with permission of the department. All Art majors are required to take the Senior Seminar course in the fall semester of senior year in order to produce portfolios of work reflecting their capabilities in their declared area of concentration.

Major in Art History

A major in Art History consists of ten courses; nine in Art History, and one studio course. ARTH-101, 102 or an AP score of 4 or 5 are prerequisites for advanced courses.

Required Courses for the Majors

Art: (Drawing/Printmaking, Sculpture, Painting, and Digital Art/Photography)
(33 hours; 11 courses)

  • 1 Design: A Visual Foundation
  • 1 Drawing I
  • 1 Art History (ARTH-101 Ancient to Medieval, ARTH-102 Renaissance to Modern, or ARTH-104 Modern Art)
  • 1 Senior Project: Seminar
  • 2 Studio Art Electives (or 1 Studio Art and 1 Art History with department permission.)
  • 5 Courses in one Concentration (Students must choose one concentration from four areas below.)
The Four Art Concentration Areas:

Drawing/Printmaking Concentration:

5 classes from ARTS-110–129, 210–229, 310–329, 410–429

Sculpture Concentration:

5 classes from ARTS-003, 140–149, 240–249, 340–349, 440–449

Painting Concentration:

5 classes from ARTS-210–219, 150–159, 250–259, 350–359, 450–459

Digital Art/Photography Concentration:

5 classes from ARTS-123, 130–139, 160–169, 230–239, 260–269, 330–339, 360–369, 430–439, 460–469

Art History
(30 hours; 10 courses)

  • 2 Introductory courses, ARTH-101, 102
  • 4 Introductory or Intermediate (ARTH 100–200 level) courses from at least three of the following groups: Ancient/Medieval; Renaissance/Baroque; Modern/American; and Non-European art.
  • 1 Studio Art course
  • 3 Advanced (400 level) courses. At least two courses must be art history seminars. ARTH-470 (Museum Internship) or ARTH-490 (Senior Thesis) or an approved AMUS or cross-listed seminar may replace the third art history seminar with prior permission of supervising professor.
Minor in Art and Art History

A minor in Art History or Art consists of six courses in that discipline. It is possible to major in one discipline and minor in the other. Minors who are not majors in either Art or Art History may take one course in the other discipline for credit toward the minor, with approval. For both minors, at least four courses must be taken within the department.


  • 6 Art courses. One may be an art history course, with advisor’s approval.

Art History

6 Art History courses:

  • 1 course dealing mainly with art before 1600
  • 1 course dealing mainly with art after 1600
  • 4 other art history or approved cross-listed courses. One elective may be an art course, with advisor’s approval.

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