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The Office of Global Education is the primary point of contact for undergraduate study abroad programs including two living learning communities: Georgetown in Fiesole, Italy: Villa Le Balze, and Georgetown in Alanya, Turkey: The McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies. Students, parents, faculty, administrators and international partners may contact OGE for information and advice about global study options, as well as for student support while overseas.


The Office of Global Services is the primary point of contact for new and current international students with immigration-related issues or general support while studying at Georgetown.  OGS is also the primary point of contact for students, faculty and staff involved in the development and implementation of international activities, policies, and business operations.

Office of Global Education 

Assistant Director for Curriculum Integration & Assessment

Craig Rinker Director of Global Education
Lucy Amon Global Education Information Manager
Deborah Brown Global Education Executive Assistant
Marina Elias Resident Director for Georgetown Programs in Salamanca, Spain
Ana Flys Resident Director for Georgetown Programs in Madrid, Spain
Lisa Gordinier Senior Associate Director for Programming & Advising
Sarah Mournighan Senior Global Education Advisor & Incoming Exchange Coordinator
Erin Pendle Global Education Advisor
Mia Pezzanite Global Living and Learning Programs Advisor
Katy Rene Assistant Director of Operations and Administration
Annette Kuroda Russell Global Education Advisor
Jason Sanderson Assistant Director for Curriculum Integration & Assessment
Sara Skillman Global Living & Learning Programs Manager
Karen Wardzala Associate Director for Global Living & Learning Programs
Joan Wilson Fiscal Officer


Georgetown University is recognized as a national leader in providing overseas studies opportunities for its undergraduates. Study abroad is possible for qualified students from almost all academic disciplines. The Office of Global Education (OGE) develops and administers global educational opportunities overseas for Georgetown students.

Georgetown supports full integration into the host university’s academic environment by encouraging students to directly enroll in local university courses overseas whenever possible. For this reason, students of Western European languages (including French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese) joining direct matriculation programs are required to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in their host-country language. A number of programs in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Europe are designed to facilitate the study of language, culture and area studies. In addition, several overseas programs focus on specific academic areas such as classics, business, regional politics, and community-based learning.

All program and application information can be accessed at

1. Eligibility

The Office of Global Education is charged with the administration of undergraduate credit-bearing programs for students pursuing degrees in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the McDonough School of Business, the School of Nursing and Health Studies, the Georgetown College and the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar.

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) or from another US University are eligible to apply to all of OGE's summer study abroad faculty-led programs and Georgetown’s two semester programs at the Villa Le Balze and McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies.  For all other semester and full year study abroad programs, SCS students should work directly with their academic advisors to identify appropriate opportunities to study overseas.

2. Application & Admission

Once a student has chosen one of our programs, general requirements for admission include:  good academic standing, sufficient language preparation, approval of the Dean’s Office, and overall suitability for the program chosen. Students applying to universities where the language of instruction is not English are required to pass a language exam administered by the appropriate department.  If the department does not administer an exam, students are required to meet the alternative requirements set forth by the faculty of that department.  Students are also responsible for following all of the policies, guidelines and protocols set forth in the Global Education Policy Manual, the Global Education Handbook, and all program acceptance forms.

While programs may have additional requirements, including higher GPA thresholds and required coursework, all students applying to semester and full year programs should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  All students applying to GU summer programs should have a cumulative GPA of 2.7, unless the program requires a higher GPA.  Additional program requirements can be found on each program’s webpage. 

It is important to remember that all nominations are inherently conditional.  A significant decline in academic performance, multiple course withdrawals or a disciplinary sanction in the semester prior to departure may render a student ineligible for study abroad.  This is true even if the student has already received a nomination from Georgetown or formal acceptance from an overseas institution.

Applicants are expected to be in good standing at Georgetown University or their home university.  To remain in good standing, a student must maintain a strong, consistent academic record, meet the academic standards set forth by the University and exhibit a history of good citizenship and student conduct.  Students are not eligible to participate in an overseas studies program while on active academic or disciplinary probation.

3. Registration and Enrollment Status

In the case of Georgetown-sponsored programs, an admitted student should register for the overseas program or, in some cases, for the individual courses. An admitted student is considered enrolled for a full-time course of study during the period spent abroad.

A student who wants to participate in a program not sponsored by Georgetown must apply via the Independent Petition process through the Office of Global Education and be vetted by the OGE selection committee in order to receive credit for academic work completed abroad. A student who is not approved and chooses to attend such program must take a leave of absence. If approved, the student will remain enrolled at Georgetown University and will be enrolled in the GU Education Abroad Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. The student will be required to register for sufficient credits to be regarded as a full-time student by Georgetown and will be eligible to apply for both Georgetown and federal financial aid. Once the student has successfully completed the program abroad, his or her transcript will show a Georgetown-approved independent study abroad notation.

Students who choose to take a leave of absence to complete a study abroad program are not eligible to receive Georgetown transfer credit.

4. Credits, Grades, and Residency

Georgetown students enroll in courses that apply toward degree requirements. Credits earned abroad may be applied towards general education requirements, the major or concentration, the minor, or counted as electives, at the discretion of the appropriate Georgetown academic offices.

Grades earned at overseas institutions are posted on the Georgetown transcript in their original form, and are not calculated into the Georgetown GPA with the following exceptions:

  • Villa Le Balze
  • SFS-Q
  • McGhee Center
  • Most GU faculty-led summer programs

Students who successfully complete a semester or full year program will typically earn 15-17 Georgetown credits and 5 course equivalents per semester.  Students who successfully complete a Georgetown summer program will typically earn 3-12 credits depending upon the length of the program and the number of courses completed.

In most cases, students will receive credit for classes taken abroad in which they have received a grade equivalent of C or better as noted on the program’s Academic Policy.  No credit is awarded for courses taken pass/fail or in which students earn unsatisfactory grades.

Work completed on semester overseas study, counts as one semester toward the four semester minimum residency requirement.  Summer study abroad does not count toward fulfilling the residency requirement.

5. Finances

In most cases, study abroad fees are comparable to a semester or academic year at Georgetown University. Students pay Georgetown University full tuition for study abroad during the semester and academic year. Cost of living overseas will vary depending on the city and country in which the program is located. All forms of financial aid except work-study awards may be applied to Georgetown-approved programs and approved Independent Petition programs.

6. Georgetown Global Living and Learning Programs
Villa Le Balze, Fiesole, Italy

In December 1979, the University was deeded Villa Le Balze, a villa just outside of Florence. The mansion and grounds have been named the Charles Augustus Strong Center in memory of the father of the donor, the Marquesa Margaret Rockefeller de Larrain. The formal opening of the academic program in Fiesole was in January 1981. Presently, the University offers many programs of study at the Villa. During the fall and spring semesters of each academic year, approximately twenty-five students live in the Villa and with Italian families nearby, and study the art, history, and literature of the Italian Renaissance. Students also take courses on Italian language and culture. During the summer months, approximately twenty students from Georgetown as well as other schools, go to the Villa to study various Italian topics. Students interested in the Villa Le Balze programs should visit the Villa’s website,, e-mail, or call (202) 687-3008.

McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, Alanya, Turkey

In 1989, George C. McGhee, the former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, donated his 170-year old Ottoman villa to serve as the base for an overseas program in Eastern Mediterranean Studies. The McGhee Center is located in Alanya, a town of 90,000 inhabitants situated along Turkey’s southern coast. During the fall semester, the McGhee Center hosts an intensive program featuring coursework in Turkish language and culture, contemporary politics, history, and archaeology. Approximately fifteen students from Georgetown and other universities make Alanya their home during the program. Courses are taught in English by Georgetown and visiting faculty. Program highlights include a week of orientation in Istanbul and Ankara, weekly course-related site visits, and a mid-semester excursion to eastern Turkey. Students interested in the McGhee Center program may visit the website at

Georgetown Summer Programs Abroad

Georgetown University offers short-term study abroad options through OGE. Most programs are open to both Georgetown and non-Georgetown students. The large majority of these programs are designed and led by Georgetown University faculty, who accompany students overseas, teach or supervise instruction at foreign host universities, plan and lead cultural excursions, and provide ongoing logistical support to students. Programs run from two to eight weeks between May and August and offer from three to twelve semester credits.

OGE also collaborates with the Georgetown SFS-Qatar campus to provide students appropriate study abroad opportunities in Doha during the summer. Interested students should contact OGE for more information. Summer overseas programs directly administered by OGE vary from year to year. The list of available Georgetown Summer Programs is available at



Vanessa Meyers Director of Global Services
Melissa Brun Director for Strategic Development
Anka Dadarlat International Programs Advisor, School of Continuing Studies
Nese Devrim Administrative Director, McGhee Center, Alanya, Turkey
Amy Dorsey Program Coordinator
Elizabeth Greenfeld Assistant Director for Partnerships and Agreements
Rani Kim International Student and Scholar Advisor
Jayme Kreitinger Assistant Director for Programs and Policies
Sandra Layton Associate Director, International Student and Scholar Services
Vacant Business Manager
Alison Maresh Communications Manager and International Student Advisor
Rachel Rubin Director, International Student and Scholar Services
Lynn Screen Assistant Director, International Student and Scholar Services
Alicia Ward International Student Advisor and SEVIS Specialist
Catherine Williams Communications and International Travel Security Manager
Vacant Administrative Director, Villa Le Balze
Vacant Administrative Officer


Founded in 2014, the Office of Global Services (OGS) facilitates global activity across the university by providing advice to schools and departments across a range of domains, including international student and scholar services, international travel, global partnership development, and policies and protocols surrounding global activities and operations.  The Office of Global Services works with designated “global contacts” at the university to develop and communicate policies related to global activities, and collaborates with General Counsel to ensure that international agreements undergo adequate legal review. OGS also oversees operations at Georgetown's Villa Le Balze in Italy and the McGhee Center in Turkey to ensure that these properties are prepared to support a wide range of university programs and conferences. The division of International Students and Scholar Services, within the Office of Global Services, provides guidance, support and direction related to federal immigration/visa regulations governing all international students, faculty, staff, and researchers, and collaborates with Student Affairs and other offices across campus on broad non-academic support. For more information about our services, please visit the Global Services website at

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

Georgetown takes great pride in its international character and the over 3,000 international students, researchers, professors and staff who contribute to the uniquely multicultural learning environment on our campus. The division of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) was established to assist Georgetown’s international community with the academic, emotional, and practical concerns of living, studying, and working in the United States, while ensuring institutional immigration compliance with applicable federal regulations.

Among its primary responsibilities, ISSS administers immigration-related services for the University. Experienced immigration advisors are available to assist non-U.S. students and scholars with issues such as entry into the United States, authorization for employment, and the general maintenance of legal status in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

In addition to immigration assistance, the division offers a variety of other services designed to support life and study in the United States. Orientations are an important aspect of this support. For international undergraduate and exchange students, a mandatory orientation program is held each August as part of NSO. ISSS offers ongoing programs on topics ranging from cultural adjustment to career development throughout the academic year. For students with individual concerns, staff advisors are available to provide personalized counseling in the areas of cross-cultural communication and adjustment.

For both U.S. and non-U.S. Georgetown students, ISSS sponsors events and programs that promote cross-cultural understanding and celebrate the diverse international character of the University. The International Student Association, one of Georgetown’s largest student run organizations, and the Global Living Community, a living learning community within the residence halls, which focuses on international/intercultural issues, are both sponsored by ISSS. Each spring, ISSS sponsors Georgetown’s campus-wide international celebration, called Georgetown Global Expo. Student organizations and university departments sponsor cultural events and an international food and performance festival celebrating the global diversity on campus. Other activities held throughout the year include a language exchange program, workshops, social events and excursions that contribute to building a strong international community on campus. 

For more information on International Student and Scholar Services, please visit our website at