Directory of the University

Board of Directors
Georgetown University



The President
     John J. DeGioia, Ph.D.

The Secretary of the University
     Edward M. Quinn, J.D.

The Provost
     Robert M. Groves, Ph.D.

The Executive Vice President for Law Center Affairs and
Dean of the Law Center

      William M. Treanor, J.D., Ph.D.

The Executive Vice President for Health Sciences and
Executive Dean of the School of Medicine

      Howard J. Federoff, M.D., Ph.D.

The Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
     Christopher J. Augostini

The Senior Vice President for Research and Chief Technology Officer
     Spiros Dimolitsas, Ph.D.


The Vice President and General Counsel
     Lisa Brown, J.D.

The Vice President for Advancement
     R. Bartley Moore

The Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer 
      Brenda Malone

The Vice President for Public Affairs and Senior Advisor to the President
     Erik Smulson

The Vice President for Mission and Ministry
     Rev. Kevin O’Brien, S.J.

The Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management
     Robin Morey

The Vice President for Information Services and Chief Information Officer
     Lisa M. Davis

The Vice President for Technology Commercialization
     Claudia C. Stewart, Ph.D.

Chief Investment Officer
     Michael Barry

The Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity     
     Rosemary Kilkenny, J.D.


Georgetown College

The Dean
     Chester L. Gillis, Ph.D.

The Graduate School

The Dean 
     Norberto M. Grzywacz, Ph.D.

The School of Medicine, 3900 Reservoir Road, N.W. (20007)

The Dean of Medical Education
     Stephen Ray Mitchell, M.D.

The Registrar
     John Hammett

The Law Center, 600 New Jersey Avenue, N.W. (20001)

The Dean
     William M. Treanor, J.D., Ph.D.

The Registrar
     Denise A. Sangster

The School of Nursing & Health Studies, 3700 Reservoir Road, N.W. (20007)

The Dean
     Martin Y. Iguchi, Ph.D.

The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service

The Dean 
     Joel Hellman, Ph.D.

The Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business

The Dean
     David Thomas, Ph.D.

The School of Continuing Studies

The Dean
     Kelly Otter, Ph.D.

McCourt School of Public Policy

The Dean
     Edward B. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Admissions and Records

The Dean of Admissions
     Charles A. Deacon, M.A.

The University Registrar
     John Q. Pierce IV, M.A.

The Dean of Student Financial Services
     Patricia A. McWade, M.Ed.

The Alumni Association

The Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations
and Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association

     William G. Reynolds

The Office of Student Affairs

The Vice President for Student Affairs
     Todd A. Olson, Ph.D.


Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences
Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business
School of Nursing and Health Studies


Executive Council for 2013–2014
Office of the Dean Representatives

Chester Gillis (Chair), Dean of the College

Thomas Chiarolanzio, Senior Associate Dean

Bernie Cook, Associate Dean, Director of Film and Media Studies Program

Richard Cronin, Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Senior Business Manager

Tad Howard, Associate Dean, Co-Director of Education, Inquiry and Justice Program

Helen Karn, Associate Dean

Sue Lorenson, Associate Dean

Anne Sullivan, Senior Associate Dean

Jeff Connor-Linton, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Strategic Planning

Faculty Representatives

Edward Barrows, Environmental Studies Program

George Benke, Department of Mathematics

Katie Benton-Cohen, Department of History

Richard Boyd, Social and Political Thought Program

Peter Charles, Department of Art and Art History

Elliott Colla, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Anna De Fina, Department of Italian

Sr. Ilia Delio, O.S.F., Catholic Studies Program

Rhonda Dzakpasu, Department of Physics

Tania Gentic (Spring), Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Tania Gentic, Comparative Literature Program

David Goldfrank, Medieval Studies Program

Svetlana Grenier (Spring), Department of Slavic Languages

Toshiko Ichiye, Department of Chemistry

Billy Jack, Department of Economics

Ruth Kramer, Department of Linguistics

Mark Lance, Justice and Peace Program

David Lightfoot, Cognitive Science Program

Brian McCabe, Department of Sociology

Alan Mitchell, Department of Theology

Yoshiko Mori, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Marcia Morris (Fall), Department of Slavic Languages

G. Ronald Murphy, S.J., Department of German

Hans Noel, Department of Government

Sylvia Onder, Department of Anthropology

Josiah Osgood, Department of Classics

Diana Owen, American Studies Program

Monica Maxwell Paegle, Center for Language Education and Development

You-Me Park, Women's and Gender Studies Program

Gerrod Parrott, Department of Psychology

Robert Patterson, Department of English and African American Studies Program

Natsu Onoda Power, Department of Performing Arts

Vivaldo Santos (Fall), Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Barbara Feinman Todd, Journalism Program

Mahendran Velauthapillai, Department of Computer Science

Linda Wetzel, Department of Philosophy

Gina Wimp, Department of Biology

Paul Young, Department of French

Faculty Senate Representative

Elizabeth Stephen, School of Foreign Service

Student Representatives

Charlie Long, College Academic Council

Kamil Lupicki, College Academic Council President

Parnia Zahedi, College Academic Council Vice President


Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Membership in SFS School Council, 2012–13

President John J. DeGioia (ex officio)

EVP for the Main Campus (ex officio)

Dean Carol Lancaster

(The Dean designates two Associate or Assistant Deans for voting purposes)

Senior Associate Dean James Reardon-Anderson

Associate Dean Jennifer Windsor

Associate Dean Mitch Kaneda

Associate Dean Mini Murphy

Associate Dean Maura Gregory

Associate Dean Emily Zenick

Assistant Dean Anthony Pirrotti

Assistant Dean Kendra Billingslea

Assistant Dean Elizabeth Arsenault


Michael Czinkota (University Faculty Senate Appointee for 1 year term)


Carol Benedict

Michael Green

Mark Lagon

Marilyn McMorrow

Kate McNamara

Sam Mujal-Leon

Lahra Smith

Katrin Sieg

BSFS Representatives

Kyle Zhu (Pres)

Meghan Murday (VP)

Brandon Lam (Treasurer)

Maurice McCalley (Secretary)

Rachelle Zehender (Soph. Rep)

Devika Ranjan (Freshman Rep)

Two Graduate Student Representatives

 Taylor Salisbury (MGHD)

So Jin Lee (MAsia)


By the School’s constitution, the President, the Executive Vice President, the Dean, the Associate Deans, the Dean of University Admissions, and a member of the University Senate appointed by the Senate are ex officio members of the Executive Council.

Executive Council for 2013–2014

Reena Aggarwal, Faculty

Vishal Agrawal, Faculty

Paul Almeida, Faculty

Doreen Amorosa, Associate Dean

Kirsten Anderson, Faculty

Alan Andreasen, Faculty

James Angel, Faculty

William Baber, Faculty

Volodymyr Babich, Faculty

Turan Bali, Faculty

Valeria Bellagamba, Associate Dean

Robert Bies, Faculty

Simon Blanchard, Faculty

James Bodurtha, Faculty

Jennifer Boettcher, Reference Librarian

Jason Brennan, Faculty

Patricia Buchek, Assistant Dean (ex officio)

Jennie Bui, Faculty

Almula Camdereli, Faculty

Kurt Carlson, Faculty

Preeti Choudhary, Faculty

So Yeon Chun, Faculty

Michael Cichello, Faculty

George Comer, Faculty

Thomas Cooke, Faculty

Jess Cornaggia, Faculty

Michael Czinkota, Faculty

Sandeep Dahiya, Faculty

George Daly, Faculty

Robert Davidson, Faculty

Linn Deavers, Associate Dean

Robin Dillon-Merrill, Faculty

Arthur Dong, Faculty

Lynn Doran, Faculty

William Droms, Faculty

Susan Dugan, Faculty

Allan Eberhart, Faculty

Ricardo Ernst, Faculty

Patricia Fairfield, Faculty

Kasra Ferdows, Faculty

Michael Fitzgerald, Faculty

Ron Goodstein, Faculty

Jose-Luis Guerrero, Faculty

John Hasnas, Faculty

Rebecca Heino, Faculty

Brooks Holtom, Faculty

Ken Homa, Faculty

Harvey Iglarsh, Faculty

Prem Jain, Faculty

Bradford J. Jensen, Faculty

Victor Jose, Faculty

Bharat Kaku, Faculty

Bardia Kamrad, Faculty

Allison Koester, Faculty

Chris Kormis, Associate Dean

Catherine Langlois, Faculty

Chris Long, Faculty

Patricia Louison, Senior Assistant Dean (ex officio)

Jeffrey Macher, Faculty

Prashant Malaviya, Faculty

Alan Mayer-Sommer, Faculty

John Mayo, Faculty

Douglas McCabe, Faculty

Katie McDermott, Faculty

Mary-Hunter McDonnell

Marcia Miceli, Faculty

Nathan Miller, Faculty

Bonnie Montano, Faculty

Stanley Nollen, Faculty

Michael O’Leary, Faculty

Keith Ord, Faculty

Neeru Paharia, Faculty

Lee Pinkowitz, Faculty

Christine Porath, Faculty

Dennis Quinn, Faculty

Rama Ramamurthy, Faculty

Lamar Reinsch, Faculty

Pietra Rivoli, Faculty

Elaine Romanelli, Faculty and Senior Associate Dean

Sunita Sah, Faculty

Jason Schloetzer, Faculty

Norean R. Sharpe, Faculty and Senior Associate Dean

Betsy Sigman, Faculty

Charles Skuba, Faculty

Edward Soule, Faculty

Richard Sweeney, Faculty

Vicki Tang, Faculty

Robert Thomas, Faculty

Debora Thompson, Faculty

Cathy Tinsley, Faculty

Marlene Towns, Faculty

Sezer Ulku, Faculty

Canan Ulu, Faculty

Meg VanDeWeghe, Faculty

David Walker, Faculty

Luc Wathieu, Faculty and Deputy Dean

Stephen Weymouth, Faculty

Rohan Williamson, Faculty

Jie Yang, Faculty

Ex-Officio Members: Charles Deacon, John J. DeGioia,
Artemis Kirk, Robert Groves, Peter Grana, Lonya Smith


Executive Faculty for 2013–2014

John J. DeGioia, ex officio

Ridgeway Addison, Faculty

Laura Anderko, Faculty

Kelly Anderson, Faculty

Allan Angerio, Associate Dean

Maureen Basha, Faculty

Elisa Bienenstock, Faculty

Sandra Bobba, Faculty

Mary Bondmass, Faculty

Carrie Bowman, Faculty

Angela Brocker, Faculty

Jesse Bump, Faculty

Abigail Burke, Faculty

Lisa Chaplin, Faculty

Patricia Cloonan, Faculty

Susan Coleman, Faculty

Peggy Compton, Associate Dean

Nancy Crego, Faculty

Amy Culbertson, Faculty

Jennifer Demma, Faculty

Robin Dennison, Faculty

Diane Downing, Faculty

Kathryn Ellis, Faculty

Ladan Eshkevari, Faculty

Jane Fall-Dickson, Faculty

Cindy Farley, Faculty

Jean Farley, Faculty

Robert Friedland, Faculty

Joseph Garman, Faculty

Mary Ginn, Faculty

Victoria Goode, Faculty

Karen Grace, Faculty

Margaret Granitto, Faculty

Kathleen Gray, Faculty

Carole Gresenz, Faculty

Phil Hagan, Faculty

Ella Heitzler, Faculty

Bernard Horak, Faculty

Catherine Horvath, Faculty

Jennifer Huang, Faculty

Sally Huey, Faculty

Jon-Philippe Hyatt, Faculty

Martin Iguchi, Dean

Pablo Irusta, Faculty

Bette Jacobs, Faculty

Donna Jasinski, Faculty

Jennifer Jennings, Faculty

Irene Jillson, Faculty

John Kraemer, Faculty

Maryanne Lachat, Faculty

Jan LaRocque, Faculty

Amanda Liddle, Faculty (Chair)

Bernhard Liese, Faculty

Paula Linenfelser, Faculty

Mary Jane Mastorovich, Faculty

Jeanne Matthews, Faculty

John May, Faculty

Karen McCrea, Faculty

Myrtle McCulloch, Faculty

Maureen McGary, Faculty

Bill (William) McGreevey, Faculty

Maureen Moriarty, Faculty

Amy Nassar, Faculty

Theodore Nelson, Faculty

Margaret Nolan, Faculty

Colleen Norton, Faculty

Patricia O'Connor, Faculty

Eileen O'Grady

Jason Ormsby, Faculty

Tiffany Pellathy, Faculty

Nancy Reedy, Faculty

Joan Riley, Faculty

John Rosselli, Faculty

Andrea Rutherfurd, Faculty

Colleen Sanders, Faculty

Katherine Scafide, Faculty

Mary Schroeder, Faculty

Sean Shenghsiu Huang, Faculty

Pamela Slaven-Lee, Faculty

Rosemary Sokas, Faculty

Michael Stoto, Faculty

Ryung Suh, Faculty

Carol Taylor, Faculty

Alexander Theos, Faculty

Wendy Thomson, Faculty

Jason Tilan, Faculty

Denise Tola, Faculty

Jean Trotter, Faculty

Kimberly Trout, Faculty

Thomas Vandruff, Faculty

Sarah Vittone, Faculty

Michael Vollman, Faculty

Myriam Vuckovic, Faculty

Lois Wessel, Faculty

Melody Wilkinson, Faculty

Ronit Yarden, Faculty

Edilma Yearwood, Faculty